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At Fair Pensions For All, founded in January 2009, our goal is to promote an honest and fair analysis of our pension system; to expose abuse and waste within the system; to develops and promote new ideas and concepts on pensions based on fairness for all.
We maintain that it is every Canadian’s right to receive sufficient income in retirement to afford an acceptable quality of life.

Fair Pensions For All

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Bill Tufts is a specialist in employee benefits  and pensions. Bill is the founder of Fair Pensions For All, an advocacy group focusing on public sector pension and compensation issues. Bill recently wrote a book with Lee Fairbanks called Pension Ponzi.

Bill  has appeared before the House of Commons, Senate and City Councils  as an expert on labour and pension affairs, he was invited by the Ontario Finance Minister to attend and participate in the 2010 Roundtable on Retirement Security as an industry expert, where he represented the Chamber of Commerce. He was invited as a special guest of by the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility in 2011 to the Bootcamp for Elected Officials in Irvine, California

As a policy advisor on pension matters Bill has advised Members of Parliament, Senate,  Provincial legislators, Mayors, City Councils, taxpayer advocacy groups, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, and written pension policy for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Currently Bill is Producer of GOTV – Get Out the Vote a television program looking at municipal issues leading up to the 2014 municipal elections in Ontario.

Bill’s work has been covered in all major Canadian newspapers including the Toronto Star and the globe and Mail. His articles have appears in the National Post, Montreal Gazette, St John Telegraph Journal, and Moncton News

For information or interview call: 905-741-1904

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