Pension Crisis Showdown – Who Does it Best?

July 18, 2014

Pension Videos Governments across North America at every level are having a pension crisis.  Very few elected officials are prepared to take the issue public and talk about the extent of the meltdown, it remains hidden from taxpayers.

There are two Governors who are willing to meet the problem of pensions head on. In Illinois, Governor Quinn produced a video to explain the pension situation, highlighting Squeezy the Pension Python.

His video can be seen here – Squeezy the Pension Python

A few days ago the Governor of New Jersey, Christie, came out with a video to describe some of the problems in his state. It looks like a movie trailer, called No Pain, No Gain.

See the video – No Pain, No Gain

Lets hope more Premiers, Mayors and federal politicians get started on fixing Canada’s pension crisis