Are unions a violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

June 3, 2014


There is much criticism about the liability that is being imposed on the majority of Canadian taxpayers due to special benefits that have been granted to public sector employees.

Most of these employee groups have counterparts in the private sector who do identical work but are not guaranteed the same benefits. This is because the promises are completely unsustainable and impossible to guarantee unless the government was able to force them to be guaranteed by taxpayers, as they have been doing for years in the public sector.

These lifetime guarantees are promised to those working in education, energy, police services, hospitals and for most other government employers, whether their plans are properly funded or not.  They are members of unions who are producing expensive television, radio and newspaper advertisements in advance of the upcoming election in an effort to fool citizens into voting for politicians who will allow this charade to continue. Their unions guarantee election wins to political parties who will guarantee their benefits.

These deals have been signed by unions and government representatives who are both on the receiving end of the same unsustainable benefits.

These benefits are not available to 70% of working Canadians, making those workers and their families a clearly disadvantaged group.

Do you think you are a member of a disadvantaged group?

Do you believe that you receive equal benefit of the law?

Do you believe that you receive equal protection of the law?

Have the government actions imposed differential treatment between you and a comparator group in the public sector?

Has the law or program imposed by the government had an effect on you that was discriminatory?

Does this differential treatment place you in a disadvantaged position?

If you answer yes to the questions above, let’s join together to bring an end to this differential treatment and blatant attack on democracy.

The fact is that the pensions and benefits that have been guaranteed to current public sector workers aren’t real. They are based on formulas that have been manipulated over time to the point that they no longer make sense. The burden to pay these benefits would have to be forced on your children and grandchildren. But this isn’t going to happen because they will leave Ontario just as businesses have before them and private sector retirees should plan to do the same.

If public sector unions are permitted to continue as the official government in Ontario, private sector workers should prepare their homes for sale while they still have any value. We have run out of time.