OPP gets 8.55% in one year, Tom Southwick Councillor Asks – WHY SHOULD YOU PAY IT?

February 21, 2014


In this time of very limited financial freedom, you, as a tax payer, just gave the OPP an 8.55% wage increase. You may say, “No I didn’t the Ontario Liberal government gave the OPP this raise”, technically true, the Ontario government gave them the raise but it is YOUR MONEY that pays them! This has been known policy for several years and literally hundreds of Municipalities have written thousands of letters to the Ontario government voicing their concerns and displeasure at this terrible, flawed and unsustainable policy. After all the years, all the Municipalities letters, emails, conversations, and meetings the Ontario Liberal government did not change one thing to curtail skyrocketing OPP wages.

I have urged the Bayham Council to simply not pay the increase. Municipalities were not at the table when the Ontario government ”negotiated”/gave this exorbitant, unsustainable, unrealistic increase, you were not consulted on it, WHY SHOULD YOU PAY IT?

Here Tom Talk about this on the Gary Doyle Show