OMERS Pension Review

July 7, 2012

OMERS is the pension plan for most city and municipal employees in the Province of Ontario. When major changes were made to the OMERS pension plan, the Act set out that:

“Under the OMERS Review Act, 2006 the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing is required to ensure the appointment of a person to conduct a review in 2012 of the governance model established for OMERS”

We are now here and the process is underway.

Most Councillors at city halls and Mayors as well are blissfully unaware of the review process and we see it as our job to educate them about the state of the OMERS Pension Plan. quite frankly, clueless.

Please see our first of a series of newsletters highlighting the OMERS pension problem. Please feel free to print a copy for yourself and give us a call and we have the numbers available for the Top 10 pensions in the 10 largest cities in Ontario.

Top 10 – Newsletter_Summer_2012-2


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