Citizens Budget Task Force of Waterloo

February 16, 2012

My friend Mike Magreehan, BBA (Hon), CFP
Investment Advisor with  Lysnes Magreehan Wealth Management is the Chair of the Citizens Budget Task Force in Waterloo.

Here he talks about some of the key issues facing all levels of government. He talks about financial transparency and how citizens need to be come more aware of the issues. Of course compensation and pensions, the Elephant in the Room is discussed.

Notice how Mike explains how higher taxes drive away businesses and tax reductions generates more economic activity.

Click Here to Listen to Mike’s Interview

I am urging Mike to make this a permanent group maybe the Waterloo Taxpayers Association. Please send Mike an email if this is something you would support.

Follow all the work that the Task Force has been doing in Waterloo.

Click Here for Citizens’ Budget Task Force, Waterloo, ON

Click here for their PDF Report to the City of Waterloo

Way to go Mike.

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