Teachers plan to repay McGuinty’s kindness… or bribery?

June 19, 2011


An article today comments that the teachers of Ontario are planning to use their taxpayer funded influence to try and re-elect McGuinty in the province of Ontario.

There is a trend surging across North America and unions are not budging. The less flexible they are the harder are the forces coming to bear upon them.

Ontario teachers vow to fight for McGuinty

Unionized Ottawa high school teachers, who, for eight years have benefited from a series of rich contracts from the Liberal government, are planning to repay the kindness in the coming provincial election.

Under eight years of Liberal rule, high school teacher salaries in Ottawa have risen by 24.5 per cent. A teacher with 10 years experience will earn $94,650 in 2011-12. Department heads earn an additional $5,853, while teachers with a postgraduate degree will reap an additional $620 or $1,238 annually depending on the degree.

“It should be illegal,” says Fildebrandt of the taxpayers’ federation. “Unions should be restricted to collective bargaining. They should not have the legal power to move in the political sphere.”

This article and video shows how our education in North America have gone horrible wrong. The Failure of American Schools

To finish off here is a joke from Christina Blizzard in her recent article It’s and Ad War

What happens when a runaway, union-fuelled Gravy Train crashes head-on into a truckload of pork?

Red meat Tories dine out.

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