Newslinks – May 15, 2011

May 15, 2011

Public pension reform, not public-worker bashing

Hamilton union dissidents renew call for vote

CPP pays $700M for German, U.S. mall stakes

Too many counters and not enough catchers

Savings crisis for Generation X

Don’t favour public pensions over private: Power Financial

Good for CFIB, good for Canada

Ontario union forces members to pay for election campaign

Sask. Party starting to feel labour pains

Public sector ‘haves’ face a backlash

The confessions of Toronto’s gravy addict

Sadly – Ford Nation will fall with a bang not a whimper

Off-duty perk faces tough criticism

McGuinty an odd one to criticize Toronto’s union contracts

UK Unions warn of coordinated strikes over pensions

Ex-GM execs sue for billions in lost pension benefits

Finally, Oka state pension reform gets moving

Union truth and pension ads

Court ruling – CA county must turn over data on pensions

University System Perk Becomes Pension Liability

Proposals would cut benefits for California employees 25% to 40%

CHP the first to take advantage of new pension rules

Cutting public pensions now won’t save California

Federal worker pensions emerge as target in debt-reduction talks

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